Building a New Home

We're growing to make room for you.

A New Home for Our Community

We are excited to meet you in our new home.  We were delayed getting power and water hooked up for months, but not anymore!  We began using our new facility end of February. We're still figuring things out, so there are a few rough edges.  Still, we would love to welcome you into our new home!  We've already met new neighbors and we hope to meet you.  Feel free to drop by - our pastor is in his office most mornings.  Or join us Sunday mornings as we meet to sing and talk about the love of Jesus and the guidance he gives us for living life.

About five years ago, we recognized our need for a new home for our community. We wanted room to expand so we could meet new people and share the love of Jesus with them. This journey led us to a new property on Cloverdale Rd (ALT 220) near I-81.

We've had a few challenges along the way - zoning, increased construction costs, timely approval of building plans, but we're getting there. We are so excited to have a new home where we can welcome you, get to know you, and become friends. Together, we can make a real difference in our neighborhood and world.

We plan an "Open House" for everyone this March 31 in the evening. We're thinking firepits, hotdogs, marshmallows, and who knows what else.

We will also formally dedicate our building as a place to honor Jesus and serve our neighbors and friends on April 16th at 4 pm.  A friend of our church family is planning on a big BBQ and we'll add in lots of fixings and good food.

We hope you can join us for one or both events!  We're excited to be here!

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A Place to Gather

We plan on a building that will look great in our community and have space for people and groups in our neighborhood to gather.

It will include large spaces for service groups and educational opportunities. A beautiful worship space will be right under the copula with natural light streaming in.

We will do our best to make this a space where everyone feels welcome.

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